Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Pieces: Portal, Candy, Torch, Moon, Spooky Tree

New Pieces this week. The real centerpiece this week is the portal. Instantly teleports the player, projectiles, cookies, anything that's not nailed down. And just in time for Halloween, a bunch of Halloween-themed decorative pieces.

Portal: Enter into a new dimension of gameplay with the portal. Instantly teleports any non-attached piece. Use just one to randomly teleport to anywhere on the level. Use more than two to randomly teleport between portals. Try changing the orientation of one of the portals to change the piece's trajectory.

Candy: Everybody wants candy. But you have to eat your vegetables first.

Torch: Spruce up that old dungeon with this stylish wall torch. Comes in a variety of materials and colors.

Moon: Add an eerie mood with the moon piece. Also makes a good early morning sun.

Spooky Tree: This tree has lost all of its leaves. Especially spooky at night.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

PlayCrafter Gets Spooky for Halloween

PlayCrafter has a new background on the front page for Halloween. But the real question is: can you find the ghost?

New Pieces: Origin, Rock, Dirt, Spooky Child and Angel Demon

Exciting new pieces this week: a spaceship and it's asteroids, and some dirt. Plus, Moonchild and Berserker's cousins are in town visting for Halloween. Can you guess who they are? Enjoy.

Origin: A small but maneuverable spaceship. Use the keyboard's arrow keys to move and the Spacebar to shoot. But be careful young jedis, the ship destroys on contact - with anything.

Fraggable Rock: Can't wait to clear an asteroid belt? This is the rock for you. This space rock splits in smaller rock pieces when hit.

Big Dirt Tile: A purely decorative, tile-able piece of dirt. Make paths, make dirt cakes, have at it.

Spooky Child: Trick or treat! This is Moon Child's cousin. I think he is looking for candy.

Angel Demon: Not sure whether to be good or evil? Why not be both? It seems to be working for Berserker's cousin.

Friday, October 17, 2008

New Pieces: Sentry, Ladder, Path Tile, Trees and Clouds

New pieces this week: a smart enemy, a ladder, some truly decorative pieces and new climbable trees and clouds. We are retiring the Cumulus piece and the Maple Tree piece from the Piece Library (although they can still be found in the old games that use them.) Enjoy!

Sentry: He takes his job very seriously. He establishes a perimeter and keeps walking and turning. This bad guy will guard an area that can be adjusted by setting his turn angle. Choices include: hard left and right turns, regular left and right turns and random.

Ladder: Climb up and up and up. String several together to make a longer ladder.

Big Path Tile: A truly decorative piece. Add several tiles to your backgrounds to create a path.

Climbable Tree: A replacement for the Maple Tree piece. This tree is truly and clearly climbable.

Elm Tree: Also a replacement for the Maple Tree piece. This tree is purely decorative and cannot be climbed on.

Climbable Cloud: A replacement for the Cumulus cloud piece. This cloud is climbable and can be used as a jumping point.

Stratus: Also a replacement for Cumulus. This cloud is purely decorative, airy and light.

Got Game? Contest Winner Announced

Congratulations to Gongo for winning $100 for his game "Awesome Adventure 7"!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Over 4,000 user-created games on PlayCrafter

We've crossed 4,000 games today! Play our staff picks here.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Feature: High Scores

We've added leader-boards to the game. So now you can compare your score to others easily without typing them in comments or manually adding them to your games!

And don't worry, if you get a high score but aren't signed in to PlayCrafter, you'll have the opportunity to sign in so you don't lose your score.

Friday, October 10, 2008

New Pieces: Beserker, Mr. Frog and Cornupine

It's quite a week for new pieces: 2 new player pieces, and a new enemy. We hope you'll like them as much as we do!

Berserker: You've asked for it, you got it. Don't let his small stature fool you, this little guy is dangerous. He runs around shooting fire balls out of his portable cannon. Move using the keyboard arrow keys (or AWSD keys), aim and shoot with the mouse. Adjust his speed and shot power.

Mr. Frog: He could be French, don't you think? Make him jump by clicking where you want him to go. Adjust his heaviness to change how high he jumps.

Cornupine: What? A cross between a unicorn and a porcupine? That's crazy! But there it is and it's not too smart. Walks back and forth bumping into various obstacles. It's rather cute though, if you look past all its spikes.

Friday, October 3, 2008

New Pieces: Tesla Buggy, Proxy Mine, Doomball Sr. and Tree

Some exciting new pieces this week: a player piece, a fancy proximity mine and a tree viewed from above. Enjoy!

Tesla Buggy: Planning a trip to Mars? This is the ideal all-terrain vehicle to take with you. Drive this buggy using the arrow keys (or AWSD keys). Worried you'll get assaulted by Martians? No problem! It's equipped with a powerful Tesla gun. Aim and shoot electric bolts with the mouse.

Proxy Mine: A dangerous piece of equipment to leave lying around. If the player gets close enough, the mine will arm its 2 second timer before going off. That's also the only way to destroy it. Can be anchored or movable.

Doomball Sr.: Ball of Doom's grand-daddy. It's bigger and even more frightening.

Birdseye Tree: A tree viewed from above. Can provide a good hiding spot.

Brutal Spike (updated): This classic piece has gotten a new coat of paint - er - pair of eyes. It's unpredictable and bouncy as ever.