Friday, October 17, 2008

New Pieces: Sentry, Ladder, Path Tile, Trees and Clouds

New pieces this week: a smart enemy, a ladder, some truly decorative pieces and new climbable trees and clouds. We are retiring the Cumulus piece and the Maple Tree piece from the Piece Library (although they can still be found in the old games that use them.) Enjoy!

Sentry: He takes his job very seriously. He establishes a perimeter and keeps walking and turning. This bad guy will guard an area that can be adjusted by setting his turn angle. Choices include: hard left and right turns, regular left and right turns and random.

Ladder: Climb up and up and up. String several together to make a longer ladder.

Big Path Tile: A truly decorative piece. Add several tiles to your backgrounds to create a path.

Climbable Tree: A replacement for the Maple Tree piece. This tree is truly and clearly climbable.

Elm Tree: Also a replacement for the Maple Tree piece. This tree is purely decorative and cannot be climbed on.

Climbable Cloud: A replacement for the Cumulus cloud piece. This cloud is climbable and can be used as a jumping point.

Stratus: Also a replacement for Cumulus. This cloud is purely decorative, airy and light.

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