Friday, October 3, 2008

New Pieces: Tesla Buggy, Proxy Mine, Doomball Sr. and Tree

Some exciting new pieces this week: a player piece, a fancy proximity mine and a tree viewed from above. Enjoy!

Tesla Buggy: Planning a trip to Mars? This is the ideal all-terrain vehicle to take with you. Drive this buggy using the arrow keys (or AWSD keys). Worried you'll get assaulted by Martians? No problem! It's equipped with a powerful Tesla gun. Aim and shoot electric bolts with the mouse.

Proxy Mine: A dangerous piece of equipment to leave lying around. If the player gets close enough, the mine will arm its 2 second timer before going off. That's also the only way to destroy it. Can be anchored or movable.

Doomball Sr.: Ball of Doom's grand-daddy. It's bigger and even more frightening.

Birdseye Tree: A tree viewed from above. Can provide a good hiding spot.

Brutal Spike (updated): This classic piece has gotten a new coat of paint - er - pair of eyes. It's unpredictable and bouncy as ever.

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