Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Contest Winners: "Fleming's Legacy Zero" by Edgewing09 and "Deadly Waters" by Breadfish

Congratulations to our May 15th contest winners:

Congratulations to Edgewing09 for winning the Premium category with his game, "Fleming's Legacy Zero". In this final episode of the Fleming's Legacy series, you have to choose to face the light or retreat into the darkness.

Congratulations to Breadfish for winning the General category with his game, "Deadly Waters". This platformer takes you into the belly of the beast. Will you make it out alive?

We decided not to list runners up this week. There were simply too many excellent games, the list would be too long and we didn't want to leave anyone out. You should play through all the recent hottest games.

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Feature: Music Upload

Rejoice guys and gals! You can now upload your own music to your games with PlayCrafter Premium.

All you need is a song you have the rights to, a Premium account and you're good to go.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New features: 100 Levels, Better Image Uploading & PlayCrafter Premium

We're pleased to announce new features and the introduction of PlayCrafter Premium. Existing PlayCrafter users don't lose any of the functionality they have been enjoying for free but get extra features if they get a Premium account.

For only $4.95 a month you get the following:
  • Make games with as many as 100 levels
  • Post your games to Flash Game portals
  • Better image uploading (not restricted to the physical shape of the piece)
  • A monthly income of 800 Pips, the PlayCrafter currency that lets you buy extra-cool pieces.

And if you sign up for PlayCrafter Premium before June 1st, you get all of the 3D isometric pieces & the Warp Door without spending 1 Pip. The first 100 members to sign up also get "Trooper", a limited edition player piece.

PlayCrafter Premium can also be purchased for 6 months at $24.95 (you get 1 month free!) and 12 months for $44.95 (you get 3 months free!)

Pips can be bought separately, without getting a Premium account. So if you are only interested in a few of the pieces, but not the rest of the Premium features, you can just buy those pieces.

Contest winners now get 1 free month of PlayCrafter Premium in addition to getting their game featured.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New pieces: 3D isometric, Warp Door, Popper, Flippers and more

It's an extravaganza of new pieces with over 25 pieces released today! zOMG, that's soooo many pieces!

Free pieces:

Walking Fish - Walks around minding its own business. You have to jump on its head to kill it.
Floater - Catch it as it floats around the world randomly.
Floater Maker - Generates floaters.

Limited Edition piece:
Trooper - Berserker's long lost twin. Loves to dress in camo, play around with guns and wears a helmet. Watch out for his grenade launcher!

3D Isometric pieces:

Iso Amazon (player character) - 510 Pips. She is similar to Hunter (in that she has a sword and uses the same controls) but prettier and 3D isometric.
Iso Xervitor (enemy) - 340 Pips. Floats around looking for the Iso Amazon or any other player character.
Iso Walls (Left / Right) - 43 Pips each. Essential for isometric buildings.
Iso Crumble Block - 85 Pips. Behaves like it's 2D equivalent.
Iso Bars (Left / Right) - 85 Pips each. Isometric jail bars. Can be broken through.
Iso Door (Left / Right) - 85 Pips each. Doors that can be walked through. (They do not require a key.)
Iso Spikes - 43 Pips. Spiky and dangerous.
Iso Base - 43 Pips. Useful for placing turrets in an isometric world.
Iso Spinner Cap - 43 Pips. A cap to put on 2D rotating pieces
Iso Quad Grass - 43 Pips. Your very own patch of 3D isometric grass.
Iso Rocks - 43 Pips. A rocky obstacle.
Iso Fence (Left / Right) - 43 Pips. Fence it in or out. Up to you.
Iso Warp Door - 680 Pips. Takes you a whole new level. Literally. Expand the possibilities by making non-linear games with large maps.
Iso Grass Background - 128 Pips. A grassy background for an isometric world.
Iso Wooden Floor Background - 170 Pips. If you'd rather be indoors, why not try this nice hard wood floor?

2D pieces:

Warp Door - 680 Pips. Jumps the player to another level. Enables you to make non-linear games

Popper - 85 Pips. A giant spring that propels anything that it touches in the air.
Flipper (Left / Right) - 85 Pips each. Pinball anyone?
Passive Ball - 340 Pips. Like the player marble but not directly controlled, ideal for pinball or self-completing games
Passive Taker Ball - 340 Pips. Same as the passive ball but acts as a taker.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Contest Winner: "The Pickle Building" by Tanjorinia

Congratulations to Tanjorinia for winning the May 1st contest with "The Pickle Building", a quirky casual platformer where you follow Mr. Skye on a tour of the infamous Pickle buidling.