Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Pieces: Portal, Candy, Torch, Moon, Spooky Tree

New Pieces this week. The real centerpiece this week is the portal. Instantly teleports the player, projectiles, cookies, anything that's not nailed down. And just in time for Halloween, a bunch of Halloween-themed decorative pieces.

Portal: Enter into a new dimension of gameplay with the portal. Instantly teleports any non-attached piece. Use just one to randomly teleport to anywhere on the level. Use more than two to randomly teleport between portals. Try changing the orientation of one of the portals to change the piece's trajectory.

Candy: Everybody wants candy. But you have to eat your vegetables first.

Torch: Spruce up that old dungeon with this stylish wall torch. Comes in a variety of materials and colors.

Moon: Add an eerie mood with the moon piece. Also makes a good early morning sun.

Spooky Tree: This tree has lost all of its leaves. Especially spooky at night.

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