Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Pieces: Rocket Girl, Snail and Loose Hex

We are releasing pieces a bit early this week because we will be celebrating American Thanksgiving and will taking a few days off. We think you'll love Rocket Girl, the snail and the loose hex piece we have for you. Enjoy!

Rocket Girl: She's smart, she's funny and she flies (through space, even!) How could you not love her? Use the arrow keys (or AWSD keys) to move. Up arrow fires up her rockets and pro-pulses her into the air.

Snail: It may be cute but it's not very friendly. This snail leaves behind him a trail of slime that is quite unpleasant.

Loose Hex: Hex as in hexagon, of course. Squares are just so last week!

Contest Winner Announced & New Contest

A big congratulations to Weltall7 for winning the contest for his game Buggy Bricks.

Play Buggy Bricks by Weltall7:

A new contest is starting today. The best game made between November 26th and December 10 will be featured on the front page for 2 weeks. Be sure to check out the contest information by clicking on the 'more info' link. Good luck!

Friday, November 21, 2008

New Pieces: Hunter, Toxic Barrel & Convertible

You're going to love this week's selection of pieces. A knight-hunter, toxic waste and a brand-new, shiny, convertible. Enjoy!

Hunter: Ladies and gentlemen, I present you Hunter, Sir Wolfe's mentor. He exists in another dimension, but kicks butt all the same. Use the arrow keys (or AWSD keys) to move and the spacebar to swing his sword. He is surprisingly agile despite his full armor. Adjust his speed, power and heaviness.

Toxic Barrel: Be. Very. Careful. This barrel is full of flammable toxic waste. Explodes when shot or put under enough strain. Leaves residue of burning toxic waste that's really hard to dispose of.

Convertible: You are going to look so cool in this car it's not even funny. Don't let it fool you, though, it looks good, but doesn't have much under the hood, you'll have to power it yourself. So hop in this dream of a car with any player piece and just go for a ride.

Friday, November 14, 2008

New Pieces: GML-18, Crumble Block, Bad Bulb, Loose Square and Thin Rectangle

This week is full of traps: you are in danger of falling, getting electrocuted and stepping on loose squares. Fortunately you will also be able to effectively defend yourself with the GML-18. Enjoy!

GML-18: Guided Missile Launcher. The state of the art in deadly precision. Click to launch a missile that follows your mouse cursor. Make every shot count, you have a limited number.

Crumble Block: A stationary old stone block that just can't take the pressure. Crumbles away after a second or two. Better get that timing right!

Bad Bulb: It has gotten its wires crossed and now it will gladly hang around electrocuting anything that touches it. Adjust its speed, distance and pause duration.

Loose Square: Stack 'em up. Knock 'em down. Enough said.

Thin Rectangle: A stationary thin block to fill in the cracks.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Contest: Got Game? Get Featured on the Front Page for 2 Weeks

We have a new contest out. Make the best game between now and 11:59PM Pacific Time on November 21st and it will get featured on the front page of PlayCrafter for 2 weeks. No need to ask your parents for permission if you are 18 this time. Make sure you review the judging criteria and play through the example games.

May the best game win!

New Pieces: Spearman, Enemy Vent, UFO, Red Space and Tiles

It's enemies week! 3 new enemies this week, a new background and some cool looking background tiles.

Spearman: Watch out for this angry little guy, he is spiky and wanders around with his spear at the ready.

Enemy Vent: This innocuous looking piece of tubing is actually quite dangerous. It spits out spearmen. Both the vent and its spawns are destroy-able.

UFO: This flying object may not be identified but it sure is hostile! Flies around and shoots in the direction of the player.

Space Red: Feeling space-y? This is the background for you. The perfect staging for that space battle or alien encounter.

Ocean Tile: Thirsty no more. This tile-able water piece can turn into a lake or an ocean, you choose. And it's is climbable - er - swimmable.

Big Grass Tile: Greenery by the tile. How about that lawn?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

5,000 User-Generated Games on PlayCrafter

We now have over 5,000 games on PlayCrafter!

Thank you to all of our creators who have made this possible. You're doing great, keep making games and keep those suggestions coming so we can improve the site even more.

Play all PlayCrafter games here.