Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Pieces: Origin, Rock, Dirt, Spooky Child and Angel Demon

Exciting new pieces this week: a spaceship and it's asteroids, and some dirt. Plus, Moonchild and Berserker's cousins are in town visting for Halloween. Can you guess who they are? Enjoy.

Origin: A small but maneuverable spaceship. Use the keyboard's arrow keys to move and the Spacebar to shoot. But be careful young jedis, the ship destroys on contact - with anything.

Fraggable Rock: Can't wait to clear an asteroid belt? This is the rock for you. This space rock splits in smaller rock pieces when hit.

Big Dirt Tile: A purely decorative, tile-able piece of dirt. Make paths, make dirt cakes, have at it.

Spooky Child: Trick or treat! This is Moon Child's cousin. I think he is looking for candy.

Angel Demon: Not sure whether to be good or evil? Why not be both? It seems to be working for Berserker's cousin.

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