Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Contest Winner: "Fleming's Legacy 3" by edgewing09

Congratulations to edgewing09 for winning the contest with his game, Fleming's Legacy 3. Play it here or play the rest of the Fleming's Legacy series on edgewing09's booth.

Our next contest runs from December 26th to January 9th. Good luck!

Friday, December 26, 2008

New Pieces: Leaper, Rocket Turret and Buzz Saw

A set of very dangerous new enemies this week: the Leaper, a new turret and a sharp saw blade. Enjoy!

Leaper: This frightening creature behaves very erratically. Runs around and jumps unpredictably.

Rocket Turret: No, you're not paranoid, it really IS following you! The rocket that is. This turret is quite deadly as it fires player-seeking rockets.

Buzz Saw: It might only be the blade, but it's enough to destroy anything in its path. Maneuver well and it might just get rid of your enemies for you!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays from PlayCrafter!

PlayCrafter is putting on its holiday cheer so grab a hat and join Minya, Sir Wolfe, Hunter, Moonchild, Zeeb, Berserker, Rocket Girl, Mr. Frog and Delaware Davis for the party!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Contest Winner: "What the Heck?" by viking

Congratulations to viking for winning the "Got Game?" contest with their game, "What the Heck?"

Friday, December 12, 2008

New Pieces: Speech bubble, 2 backgrounds and 5 songs

Atmospheric new pieces this week: a speech bubble, 2 new backgrounds and 5 new songs. Enjoy!

Speech bubble: It's your chance to yap away! Go ahead, talk your heart out with this speech bubble decorative piece. Place next to a character and put text on top of it.

Desert Dunes: Explore the scorching hot desert with this new background.

In The Jungle: If you'd rather stay cool, opt for the shade of the tall trees.

5 songs: "The Final Rewind" and "Lovely" by Triad. "Rubber", "Raining at the Cresent House" and "2 Percenter" by Williamson. Go listen to them. Now.

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Just in time for the holidays, get your very own PlayCrafter merchandise: mens, womens and kids t-shirts, hoodies and more!

And, for a limited time, everything is on sale. Check out our awesome designs and get yours today.

PlayCrafter Merchandise Store: playcrafter.spreadshirt.com

Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Pieces: Hypno and Super Buddy

Our philosophy for pieces this week: less is more. And it's really true. There may be only two but they are really cool. So enjoy!

Hypno: He goes round and round and round. That is until you tell it to move by pressing the spacebar or the up arrow key. Then he doesn't stop until you tell it to. Just don't fall asleep staring at it!

Super Buddy: OMG! It's a sidekick. Your. Very. Own. Sidekick. And, let me tell you, he kicks butt! This little buddy follows you around, is invincible, can kill enemies and you can even jump up on top of him. How awesome is that?!?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We've moved.

Not that it necessarily means much in this Internet age, but we've moved. After spending a few weekends painting, re-wiring and decorating, we are now all set up in our new digs in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco. The office is much roomier and, so far, we're loving it.

Ok, now back to work. :-)