Monday, May 16, 2011

PlayCrafter to close down May 24th

We regret to inform you that PlayCrafter will be closing down completely on May 24, 2011. Please click here for more information.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Contest Winners: "Tesla Adventure" by Breadfish and "Discorderania" by Edgewing

Congratulations to our July contest winners:

Congratulations to Breadfish for winning in the general category with his game: "Tesla Adventure". Take a spectacularly random drive around in a Tesla buggy.

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Congratulations to Edgewing for winning in the premium category with his game: "Discorderania". Lead a strange little guy through a perplexedly odd world.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Feature: Script Your Own Game Pieces

Drag & drop getting you down? Itching to get your hands dirty and into the guts of PlayCrafter? We've got the feature just for you!

We're very excited to announce the PlayCrafter Piece Creator. The Piece Creator gives you access to the game piece's XML definition. What that means is that you can create new game pieces by combining various functionality. You want a buggy that doesn't shoot? No problem! A match-3 marble? Sure thing!

Oh and did I mention the Piece Creator is FREE and doesn't require a Premium account? Well, it is. :-)

You can look at the XML of any free piece and use it as a starting point. Once you're satisfied with the behavior, you can upload a graphic onto it and upload a sound effect for collisions. Alternatively, you can upload a SWF with your own animations and as many sound effects as you want. For more detailed information on how to create your own pieces, click on the "Need Help?" button on the Piece Creator window.

So go ahead, and get scripting!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Contest Winners: "Reflections" by Vyen and "Toast Child" by Toast

Congratulations to our June 28th contest winners:

Congratulations to Vyen for winning in the general category with his game: "Reflections". Enter the strange world of Lake Enigma where reflections aren't always what they seem.

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Congratulations to Toast for winning in the premium category with his game: "Toast Child". Will you be able to escape your fate as a toasted piece of bread?

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Friday, June 19, 2009

New Pieces: Spaceman, World Hand, Citizens, Small Square and more.

It's new pieces time. Whee! And most of them are free. Double whee! :-D

Spaceman (425 Pips): It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a spaceman! With a blaster. Completely keyboard controlled, this new player piece shoots straight ahead in front of him.

World Hand: A hand that only grabs world (environment) pieces. Perfect for those Spearmen games, you can't even cheat!

Citizen Berserker, Moon Child, Hunter and Rocket Girl: Citizens, Unite! Or should I say Non Player Characters? Populate your games with citizens. Make them walk around or stand still. Careful though, they are vulnerable.

Inner Quarter Circle: It's curvy, on the inside.

Small Treasure: Tiny but so shiny!

Small Square: A small square to build world for those smaller player characters

Small Triangle: A small triangle, to go with the small square.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Contest Winners: "Orange Darkness" by Avalon and "Moon Child's Day" by Toast

Congratulations to our contest winners!

Congratulations to Toast for winning the General category with his platformer game, Moon Child's Day. An average day for Moon Child? I think not.

Congratulations to Avalon for winning the Premium category with his game, Orange Darkness, a platformer. Restore balance between Night and Day in this eerie dark (and orange) world.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Pieces: Acrobat, Swing, Cart, Hanging Bar and Arial Text

OMG, OMG! It's new pieces! And my guess is... you're going to love them. :-D

Acrobat - 510 Pips: Straight from the circus, I present to you: ACROBAT! Don't be fooled by his tiny size, Acrobat is a revolutionary new player piece: he can grab to any surface with friction. His speed, jump and acceleration are all adjustable.

Swing - 85 Pips: Grab on and start swinging. Adjust its angular friction and heaviness for more or less swing.

Cart - 85 Pips: A cart that moves left to right. I wonder what would happen if you combined it with portals. Don't you? Adjust its power and max speed for a crazy ride.

Hanging Bar - 85 Pips: Go ahead, jump onto it, but watch out for the wobble! Adjust its angular friction and heaviness for a dizzying effect.

Arial Text: English isn't your favorite language? This new text piece is UTF-8 compliant and supports all sorts of accents and characters. That means it supports YOUR language.

New pieces = YAY! You = make game.