Friday, November 7, 2008

New Pieces: Spearman, Enemy Vent, UFO, Red Space and Tiles

It's enemies week! 3 new enemies this week, a new background and some cool looking background tiles.

Spearman: Watch out for this angry little guy, he is spiky and wanders around with his spear at the ready.

Enemy Vent: This innocuous looking piece of tubing is actually quite dangerous. It spits out spearmen. Both the vent and its spawns are destroy-able.

UFO: This flying object may not be identified but it sure is hostile! Flies around and shoots in the direction of the player.

Space Red: Feeling space-y? This is the background for you. The perfect staging for that space battle or alien encounter.

Ocean Tile: Thirsty no more. This tile-able water piece can turn into a lake or an ocean, you choose. And it's is climbable - er - swimmable.

Big Grass Tile: Greenery by the tile. How about that lawn?

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