Friday, November 14, 2008

New Pieces: GML-18, Crumble Block, Bad Bulb, Loose Square and Thin Rectangle

This week is full of traps: you are in danger of falling, getting electrocuted and stepping on loose squares. Fortunately you will also be able to effectively defend yourself with the GML-18. Enjoy!

GML-18: Guided Missile Launcher. The state of the art in deadly precision. Click to launch a missile that follows your mouse cursor. Make every shot count, you have a limited number.

Crumble Block: A stationary old stone block that just can't take the pressure. Crumbles away after a second or two. Better get that timing right!

Bad Bulb: It has gotten its wires crossed and now it will gladly hang around electrocuting anything that touches it. Adjust its speed, distance and pause duration.

Loose Square: Stack 'em up. Knock 'em down. Enough said.

Thin Rectangle: A stationary thin block to fill in the cracks.

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