Friday, November 21, 2008

New Pieces: Hunter, Toxic Barrel & Convertible

You're going to love this week's selection of pieces. A knight-hunter, toxic waste and a brand-new, shiny, convertible. Enjoy!

Hunter: Ladies and gentlemen, I present you Hunter, Sir Wolfe's mentor. He exists in another dimension, but kicks butt all the same. Use the arrow keys (or AWSD keys) to move and the spacebar to swing his sword. He is surprisingly agile despite his full armor. Adjust his speed, power and heaviness.

Toxic Barrel: Be. Very. Careful. This barrel is full of flammable toxic waste. Explodes when shot or put under enough strain. Leaves residue of burning toxic waste that's really hard to dispose of.

Convertible: You are going to look so cool in this car it's not even funny. Don't let it fool you, though, it looks good, but doesn't have much under the hood, you'll have to power it yourself. So hop in this dream of a car with any player piece and just go for a ride.

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