Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Pieces: Sir Wolfe, Paddle, Cloud and Seeker Mine

An unusual week for new pieces: two player pieces and a decorative piece. Enjoy!

Sir Wolfe: He fights for freedom and civil rights. Either that or he is a conquistador. In any case, this top-down view little guy knows how to handle his sword!

Precision Paddle: It's precise alright. This breakout-style paddle offers a much finer control of the ball than it's cousin, the Paddle.

Cumulus: Don't let it's name fool you, this cloud is as fluffy as they come. A decorative piece, it's sole purpose is to, well, decorate. You can overlap several of them to create different shapes.

Seeker Mine: It not only looks ominous, it is! It will chase after you if you get too close and it explodes on contact.

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