Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Pieces: MoonChild, Turrets and Big Lock

A productive week: ally and enemy turrets, a big lock and our first keyboard controlled piece. Enjoy!

MoonChild: We're very excited to introduce our first keyboard controlled piece, a platformer character named MoonChild. This cute little guy looks right and left and can be controlled mid-jump. I trust you'll love him. He's controlled with the arrow keys.

Smart Turret: A worthy enemy. It knows where the player is and fires on sight.

Armored Ally: The Smart Turret had you worried? Fortunately, you can enlist the help of a powerful ally. This turret targets enemies and cannot be destroyed.

Big Lock: A larger option to the Lock we released last week. Touch with the Key to open.

1 comment:

Picopaco said...

Seems like I was unaware I was one of the first ones trying Moonchild... I have just reached your site today and it is superb.
I wish you all possible success. Yours is an extremely good project and you deserv it. Your game creation platform is excellent, I haven't found anything similar.
Please continue adding pieces and features... I hope in a very short time to add my first game!