Monday, September 8, 2008

Grand Opening Giveaway Winner Announced

Our Grand Opening Giveaway has ended and we are pleased to announce the winner: obrienLuke!

To qualify for an Xbox 360, a Playstation 3 or a Wii and $100 in game downloads, you had to sign up PlayCrafter in our first month. Every friend you invited who signed up for PlayCrafter gave you another entry into the giveaway.

The email we sent obrienLuke informing him that he had won the Grand Opening Giveaway found him in China, volunteering at an orphanage near Langfang, one hour and a half south of Beijing. obrienLuke normally resides in the county of Suffolk, England.

PlayCrafter: "How long where you at the orphanage? What was your motivation for going there?"
obrienLuke: "I'm interested in China. [...] I stayed there for 2 weeks with the hope of working there in the future, there are building a school so they will let me know when it's complete and I will teach computers (like MS Office and such)."

PlayCrafter: "What are you planning on doing with your prize?"
obrienLuke: "I would like it for my brother who will be leaving home."

PlayCrafter: "Where is your brother going? How old is he?"
obrienLuke: "My brother is 19 and he works at a nuclear power plant as an apprentice, at the moment he gets up early every day so he is thinking about moving closer."

Congratulations to obrienLuke (and his brother) for winning an Xbox 360 and 8,000 Xbox points in the PlayCrafter Grand Opening Giveaway!

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