Friday, September 12, 2008

New Pieces: Phoenix KT, Tire, Tire Wall and Tree

Our new pieces this week take a slightly different turn: a player controlled car, some tires and tire walls to build a track and a tree to decorate. Enjoy your ride in the country!

Phoenix KT: Here are the keys, go take it for a spin! This player piece is keyboard controlled. Press the Up arrow to move forward, the Down arrow for reverse, Left and Right arrows to turn. Adjust the weight and maximum speed for different feels.

Tire Wall: Make up your own track with this environmental piece. You can adjust its bounciness.

Tire: Send it flying. A dynamic obstacle, you can adjust its weight and bounciness for different effects.

Maple Tree: A little tree here, another there and soon you'll have a forest. Changes color, not necessarily according to the seasons. A decorative piece, overlap them to create different shapes.

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