Friday, August 22, 2008

New pieces: Laser & Auto Turrets, Lock & Key, Taker Bar

Our new pieces this week. Enjoy!

Laser Turret: A player controlled piece, this turret fires laser at a rapid rate. Both the reload time and accuracy are adjustable.

Key: You've asked for it and there it is! Touching the key to the lock makes them both disappear. The key can have gravity turned on or off.

Lock: Will block the way until it is unlocked by the key.

Auto Turret: It scans the world and automatically fires on sight. A strong defense against various enemies.

Taker Bar: A quick way to turn an entire wall into a death zone.

1 comment:

-bruce said...

Utterly awesome.

This entire site is fantastic, I wish your team great success, and I can't wait to try making a game.

Thank you!