Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New pieces: 3D isometric, Warp Door, Popper, Flippers and more

It's an extravaganza of new pieces with over 25 pieces released today! zOMG, that's soooo many pieces!

Free pieces:

Walking Fish - Walks around minding its own business. You have to jump on its head to kill it.
Floater - Catch it as it floats around the world randomly.
Floater Maker - Generates floaters.

Limited Edition piece:
Trooper - Berserker's long lost twin. Loves to dress in camo, play around with guns and wears a helmet. Watch out for his grenade launcher!

3D Isometric pieces:

Iso Amazon (player character) - 510 Pips. She is similar to Hunter (in that she has a sword and uses the same controls) but prettier and 3D isometric.
Iso Xervitor (enemy) - 340 Pips. Floats around looking for the Iso Amazon or any other player character.
Iso Walls (Left / Right) - 43 Pips each. Essential for isometric buildings.
Iso Crumble Block - 85 Pips. Behaves like it's 2D equivalent.
Iso Bars (Left / Right) - 85 Pips each. Isometric jail bars. Can be broken through.
Iso Door (Left / Right) - 85 Pips each. Doors that can be walked through. (They do not require a key.)
Iso Spikes - 43 Pips. Spiky and dangerous.
Iso Base - 43 Pips. Useful for placing turrets in an isometric world.
Iso Spinner Cap - 43 Pips. A cap to put on 2D rotating pieces
Iso Quad Grass - 43 Pips. Your very own patch of 3D isometric grass.
Iso Rocks - 43 Pips. A rocky obstacle.
Iso Fence (Left / Right) - 43 Pips. Fence it in or out. Up to you.
Iso Warp Door - 680 Pips. Takes you a whole new level. Literally. Expand the possibilities by making non-linear games with large maps.
Iso Grass Background - 128 Pips. A grassy background for an isometric world.
Iso Wooden Floor Background - 170 Pips. If you'd rather be indoors, why not try this nice hard wood floor?

2D pieces:

Warp Door - 680 Pips. Jumps the player to another level. Enables you to make non-linear games

Popper - 85 Pips. A giant spring that propels anything that it touches in the air.
Flipper (Left / Right) - 85 Pips each. Pinball anyone?
Passive Ball - 340 Pips. Like the player marble but not directly controlled, ideal for pinball or self-completing games
Passive Taker Ball - 340 Pips. Same as the passive ball but acts as a taker.

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