Thursday, May 7, 2009

New features: 100 Levels, Better Image Uploading & PlayCrafter Premium

We're pleased to announce new features and the introduction of PlayCrafter Premium. Existing PlayCrafter users don't lose any of the functionality they have been enjoying for free but get extra features if they get a Premium account.

For only $4.95 a month you get the following:
  • Make games with as many as 100 levels
  • Post your games to Flash Game portals
  • Better image uploading (not restricted to the physical shape of the piece)
  • A monthly income of 800 Pips, the PlayCrafter currency that lets you buy extra-cool pieces.

And if you sign up for PlayCrafter Premium before June 1st, you get all of the 3D isometric pieces & the Warp Door without spending 1 Pip. The first 100 members to sign up also get "Trooper", a limited edition player piece.

PlayCrafter Premium can also be purchased for 6 months at $24.95 (you get 1 month free!) and 12 months for $44.95 (you get 3 months free!)

Pips can be bought separately, without getting a Premium account. So if you are only interested in a few of the pieces, but not the rest of the Premium features, you can just buy those pieces.

Contest winners now get 1 free month of PlayCrafter Premium in addition to getting their game featured.

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