Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Pieces: Acrobat, Swing, Cart, Hanging Bar and Arial Text

OMG, OMG! It's new pieces! And my guess is... you're going to love them. :-D

Acrobat - 510 Pips: Straight from the circus, I present to you: ACROBAT! Don't be fooled by his tiny size, Acrobat is a revolutionary new player piece: he can grab to any surface with friction. His speed, jump and acceleration are all adjustable.

Swing - 85 Pips: Grab on and start swinging. Adjust its angular friction and heaviness for more or less swing.

Cart - 85 Pips: A cart that moves left to right. I wonder what would happen if you combined it with portals. Don't you? Adjust its power and max speed for a crazy ride.

Hanging Bar - 85 Pips: Go ahead, jump onto it, but watch out for the wobble! Adjust its angular friction and heaviness for a dizzying effect.

Arial Text: English isn't your favorite language? This new text piece is UTF-8 compliant and supports all sorts of accents and characters. That means it supports YOUR language.

New pieces = YAY! You = make game.

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