Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Feature: Script Your Own Game Pieces

Drag & drop getting you down? Itching to get your hands dirty and into the guts of PlayCrafter? We've got the feature just for you!

We're very excited to announce the PlayCrafter Piece Creator. The Piece Creator gives you access to the game piece's XML definition. What that means is that you can create new game pieces by combining various functionality. You want a buggy that doesn't shoot? No problem! A match-3 marble? Sure thing!

Oh and did I mention the Piece Creator is FREE and doesn't require a Premium account? Well, it is. :-)

You can look at the XML of any free piece and use it as a starting point. Once you're satisfied with the behavior, you can upload a graphic onto it and upload a sound effect for collisions. Alternatively, you can upload a SWF with your own animations and as many sound effects as you want. For more detailed information on how to create your own pieces, click on the "Need Help?" button on the Piece Creator window.

So go ahead, and get scripting!

1 comment:

Kevin said...

Will there be new xml tags soon?