Monday, May 16, 2011

PlayCrafter to close down May 24th

We regret to inform you that PlayCrafter will be closing down completely on May 24, 2011. Please click here for more information.


BlackheartPlaycrafter said...

Well, I knew it would happen someday, I'm just sad that it had to be so soon. Playcrafter used to be such an amazing place.. The staff was great, the mods were great.. Heck, even the noobs were great. I've only been a crafter for about two years, but it feels like I've known some of my greatest friends from here for a lifetime.

Thank you, Staff, for all your hard work.


BlackheartPlaycrafter said...

Also, a big thank you to all of the great people that I've met here. It would take hours for me to put down all of your names, but don't think that I've forgotten any of you. Also a thanks to the great mods that helped me out when I was new. If anyone wants to know how to contact me (I doubt anyone will :P) here are a few ways:

Youtube: Blaqueharte
Minecraft Forums: Blackheart
Minecraft: BlackheartPC
Kongregate: BlackheartGamer
Xbox Live: (No Gold atm) Darkhamsterr
Runescape: (I don't play much) Darkhamster

I guess that's it.. thanks again for the great memories that I've shared with all of my friends. Hopefully I'll be able to talk to some of you again.

kennuagh said...

its me kennuagh so you know staff u could of made money out of pc big time by adding more features and pieces

SampleAndy said...

I just found out that you even existed last night... Normal...

Best of luck in your ongoing endeavors!!!

protecter123 said...

Playcrafter dont Leave i miss you!Playcrafter!I Miss your games! i miss your wonderful! Music i miss Everything About You Guys.please dont leave us!
Playcrafter is a Legend!.
PlayCrafter your the best website a dog could have!
Dont Leave Us!I Love Everything About Playcrafter.

PlayCrafter i pray to God one day you will come back!