Monday, June 1, 2009

New Feature: Earn Pips, Buy & Sell Your Own Game Pieces

Rejoice! You can now earn Pips, the PlayCrafter virtual currency, for free by inviting friends or by selling your game pieces to others. You can also buy game pieces, songs, backgrounds that others have created.

How many Pips do I earn by inviting friends?
You earn 30 Pips when your friend creates an account, another 30 Pips when they reach Level 2 and an additional 60 Pips when they reach Level 10.

You still earn 15 points when your friends sign up and now you also earn 5 to 13 points when your friends level up up to level 10.

How many Pips do I earn by selling game pieces?
Right now, you can earn from 13 to 104 Pips per piece sold depending on what type it is and how much profit you decide to make.

When someone purchases one of your pieces, your account will be credited with a number of Pips equal to the profit that you set.The rest of the proceeds go to other creators if you are deriving someone else's game piece and to PlayCrafter for making the system that allows you to sell your pieces in the first place.

So, go on. Start selling your own game pieces now!

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