Friday, June 27, 2008

New Game Pieces!

We just added a number of exciting game pieces. We can wait to see what you'll do with them. Enjoy!

New Player Controlled pieces:
  • Corkman, our platformer character. He runs around following your mouse, jumps when you left click.
  • Delaware Davis, a top down view treasure hunter character. He runs around following the mouse.
  • Attack Choppa, a side view helicopter, follows the mouse and shoots when you click.
  • Intercepter, a classic arcade style spaceship. Moves side to side only and fires when you click.
  • Arty Cannon, a rapid fire artillery cannon.
  • Hand, manipulates the world directly, grabs on click.
New Treasure & Taker pieces:
  • 3 connect, put 3 of the same color pieces together and they disappear.
  • Killer Crab, he might run sideways but he is very effective at following the player.
  • Evil Queen, spawns lots of little bugs that seek out the player. Watch out!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Recent Activity and More...

We have added a number of exciting features. You can now follow creators you want to keep up with and receive an email when they create a new game. You can also receive an email when someone comments on your game or leaves you a holler in your booth. Control which emails you receive by clicking on "My Account Settings" in your booth.

Your booth now features a Recent Activity board. You can see new comments on your games, new hollers, new games that creators you are following have created and new fans (people who are following you) all in one place.

We hope you'll like all this new stuff. We love to hear from you so please send us feedback (by clicking on the feedback link in the footer or by sending email at support [AT] playcrafter [DOT] com).