Friday, June 27, 2008

New Game Pieces!

We just added a number of exciting game pieces. We can wait to see what you'll do with them. Enjoy!

New Player Controlled pieces:
  • Corkman, our platformer character. He runs around following your mouse, jumps when you left click.
  • Delaware Davis, a top down view treasure hunter character. He runs around following the mouse.
  • Attack Choppa, a side view helicopter, follows the mouse and shoots when you click.
  • Intercepter, a classic arcade style spaceship. Moves side to side only and fires when you click.
  • Arty Cannon, a rapid fire artillery cannon.
  • Hand, manipulates the world directly, grabs on click.
New Treasure & Taker pieces:
  • 3 connect, put 3 of the same color pieces together and they disappear.
  • Killer Crab, he might run sideways but he is very effective at following the player.
  • Evil Queen, spawns lots of little bugs that seek out the player. Watch out!