Friday, September 26, 2008

New Pieces: Force Fly, Deflector and Glass Block

Our new pieces for the week: a new player controlled fly with amazing force, a deflector and a glass block. Enjoy!

Force Fly: A fly with telekinesis (or really big lungs!), it can attract or push things away at a distance. It doesn't destroy things directly. Use the keyboard arrow keys (or AWSD keys) to move. Target things to push / pull by targeting them with the mouse and holding down the mouse button. Can be adjusted to attract or repulse objects. It's yank force and move speed are also adjustable.

Deflector: It deflects projectiles and characters. Adjust the friction and bounciness to achieve very different deflection effects.

Glass Block: Can only be destroyed if you hit it hard enough. It's safe to run across it or land softly on it but jump on it from enough height or bump into it furiously and you'll break it. Not affected by Taker pieces.

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