Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More News Coverage

[Update] We also got a nice article in c|net.

Josh Lowensohn on Webware, a c|net site: "Playcrafter is off to a really fantastic start. There's a revenue sharing system in place that rewards game makers for heavily played titles, and enough game types to let you build 10 or more titles that are completely different from one another. [...] You can dive right into a creation that's half-baked in order to play-test it, and figure out where the weaknesses are, something that makes building games almost as fun as playing ones created by others."

Paul Glazowski's review on Mashable: "I would personally advise that you pay a visit to the PlayCrafter home page, even if you’re solely in the mood to play. [...] The reason I say so is that the website itself is simply an impressive invention. Everything is well positioned and the supply of games - 214 and counting - is interesting, to say the least."

Killer Startups: "PlayCrafter enables users to create fun and cool content easily. There’s enough engaging content there for everyone. Given that this is so easy to deploy, it could very well become quite popular"

Amorphous iLearn: "Playcrafter is based on Adobe Flex and is really easy to use."

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